Auto Print

Here you'll find what we discovered to be the best tips and tricks we have for automating the 3D printing process. Below you'll find our reference guide for the sequence as well as links to all the extras we've used to make it possible. Please note, familiarity with a 3D printer and the confidence to modify G-Code are required to do this with your own machine. This is a working document and will be updated as it's developed. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. Happy Hacking!


Download the PDF guide:



Blue Tape.jpg

3m Blue Tape

One strip along the side to catch purged plastic. 


Silicone Socks

From  E3D-online, helps to keep the nozzle clean. 

1mm Nozzle.jpg

1mm Nozzle

Speeds up printing considerably. We love this thing.

Fan Mount.jpg

Bumper/ Fan Mount

Improves airflow and makes pushing off easier. 



Prevents finished prints from falling under the bed!



A place for finished prints to fall into, not the floor.