Material Matters

We work hard to make something that matters, sweating over the details. Our electrical kit's are Italian and have soft linen cable and bakelite bulb holder, the 3D printed lampshade is made from drinks bottles recycled in the Netherlands and the desk organiser is made from a corn based PLA. By choosing forms, components and materials that are high quality and work well together we eliminate waste and hope that people will get as much use out of our products as possible.



People Friendly Practice

The funny thing about using digital machines is often the person using it becomes a machine themself. For instance, each time a 3D printer has finished an object it has to be manually removed before the printer can start again. Its basically machine minding. 

From the open source community we’ve been developing 'auto printing', allowing us to reliably print product after product. This means our machines can do machine work and we can get back to the workshop. We really believe in this kind of practice and the good things that happen when it’s shared, which is why we try to give as much as we take.


Plyset hand ©La Cabine de Margaux.jpg

Making Small With Big Ideas

Although we aim to produce at a small scale we try to use ideas uncommon to craft production, like smart automation and supply chain management. Learning from the big boys we try to figure out how to do a better job in a better time. 

Using these kinds of big ideas we can focus on what makes small scale production interesting. Getting our hands dirty. Each ply piece is finished by hand using tried and tested techniques that wouldn’t be unfamiliar to traditional workshop, but you won't find us wandering around looking for more dowels, sandpaper or glue.