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Batch.Works was started in London in May 2016 to explore using the latest technology at a micro production scale. The idea is simple: make affordable products closer to home.

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Batch works is the 3D printing lab in residence at the machines room, at the heart of the 'maker mile', run by Julien Vaissieres and Dylan Bahnan. We print for and collaborate with others, to make 3D printed consumer products part of people's everyday lives. With our 1mm nozzle we try to print faster, our auto print technique print easier and years of printing experience we try to print better. 

After trying to make our own products we realised the standard way of getting things made are a little constraining, and we weren’t the only ones who thought so. It seemed using hand tools is too small and time consuming and outsourcing to a mass manufacturer is, well too massive. We wanted to make things in the middle of the city, offering people products at a small scale without a big price tag. The obvious choice for us was to use digital tools, available to us and a growing community, at makerspaces. 





Constantly looking at and improving the way we make. Producing at a small scale with big ideas to make products on demand, on time and at capacity. This makes making make sense.


Human friendly. By choosing safe tools, automating tedious processes and sourcing environmentally responsible materials. You'll never find us treating people like "Oompa Loompas" in big smelly factories.


Having the right product for the right person, in the right place by making hyperlocal, customisable and adaptable at an everyday price. No shipping sandals to the north pole for rich inuits.

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Giving as much as we take. Sharing as much of our information freely as we can and hoping others do the same. A chair that can be made in 1h has to be more expensive than one that is made in 13mins. Even if they are exactly the same, so we look to find the difference and share what we find. Sometimes the only difference is coffee. 



In full disclosure we're not quite there yet, but we're certainly working on it...

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